In October 2020, I released my debut full-length album. The title, I Am is a powerful declaration of who I am not only as a musician but as an individual. The album is comprised of original compositions, showcasing the birth and death of love, loss, struggle, and discovery. I purposely arranged each song in accordance with the stages of grief: Denial, Depression, Anger, Bargaining, and Acceptance. The anthology takes you on my personal journey of discovering love and going through the trials of choosing growth or staying in comfort, a struggle I constantly choose to overcome. This album represents a significant part of my life that's helped me evolve. I am very proud of this body of work. There were so many who inspired, collaborated, and helped bring my debut to its success. 

I encourage you to listen, share, and connect with me on my journey as an artist. I look forward to performing this album (both live and virtually) for all of you very soon.

Till then,

XOXO Keilana