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WRAPPED! Love Notes: The Reflection

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by. Today, I wanted to share, celebrate and reflect on my recent project, VALENTINES DAY 2020: LOVE NOTES. I'll share a bit about why I did it, the brainstorming-production-execution process, and my results!


If I can be as transparent as possible, I did it for two big reasons:

Number 1-- I was NOT looking forward to celebrating #SinglesAwarenessDay and being Valentine-less on Feb. 14... which BTW is not a bad thing! I just honestly knew that in my current state of mind, I was not going to look forward to celebrating the holiday alone.

Number 2 -- I needed to make some $$$ 😅 I kept going on and on about how excited I was about going into this new season of "fewer gigs" and "more creativity." Well, creativity is great but also... ya girl needs to fund this album. More so, I needed a bigger budget for my #CollaborativeEffort I plan on starting up (oops... hope I didn't drop the bomb). At the beginning of January, I put out a flyer calling out all collaboratives who were interested in joining my team to help with the promotion of the album... And guess what? I received inquiries from A LOT of AWESOME people! So much so, that I want to make sure to honor these individual's time and work before beginning. I took a good look into my wallet and realized-- "hmm. I need to have a bigger budget." So that's why I did this!


Here we go, more transparency!

So... I brainstormed this idea on a whim, literally while sitting and eating at a restaurant while on vacation in Vegas. Yep. Nothing special. A lightbulb magically appeared in the middle of me stuffing my face with pancakes and I just had to pounce on it. I came up with the idea, created a flyer and promo within 2 hours and posted! No thoughts, just DO!

Here's the thing... I announced the project on 2/4 and opened commissions up UNTIL 2/10. Yes, you read that right. I gave people six days to inquire and put an order in..... and I gave myself 4 days to produce them. Well technically 3 days, because 2/14 would be the day I'd need to send them all out. Yes, my crazy idea-driven-yet-no-concept-of-time-self gave me three days (which btw-- weren't fully free days, I still had work and gigs) to complete these. Oh, boy.

What was my expectation? I legit thought I would get 10 inquiries max. Easy peasy. Can do.

What was reality? I received 32 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯Difficulty Level: 100000000.

Was I happy about that? DUH of course! BUT I also realized very quickly, just how difficult it would be to pull the whole thing off. It took sleepless nights, continuous nights of listening to the same songs over and over and OVER again while diligently learning the chords/lyrics to all of them. It also took some legitimate crying sessions and breakdowns cause I just wanted to do a good job.

A part of the project I really took pride in was promoting personalization. I said I can do "ANY SONG"... You want it? I can do it y'all! HAHAHHA OH BOY. That was fun, but a HUGE mistake. Not cause I didn't want to do everyone's songs. But I realized, people's special songs were almost always not the popular ones. In fact, the majority of the recordings I had to do, were songs I. Had. Never. Heard. Of. I knew probably 12 of the 32, the rest were all new.

On top of learning NEW songs, knowing these were special songs for these couples was nerve-wracking because I wanted to make sure every single one had my best performance. The fact that people were willing to pay me to help show their s/o just how much they love them was something very pressuring! A really good type of pressure though.



My goal was to spread love on a day that I was going to feel a lack thereof. Honestly, self-love and being good on my own is something I'm still mastering, and I'm not afraid to be transparent about that! I'm unapologetic about my desire for connection. But, a part of me knows and understands that right now is a perfect opportunity to be on my own and get some goals crushed!

I MADE $1,500 IN PROFIT FROM THE PROJECT. You heard that right. It surpassed my expectations in all capacities and I was so freaking happy to know that my #collaborativefund got some big love from it all.


The biggest pat on the back for me from this whole thing was receiving DMs, Texts, & Emails that read: "Omg. I am crying" or something along those lines. I also loved receiving multiple 😭emojis. Those were definitely my fave. The best part though was receiving responses about how this was the perfect gift for their Valentine because they were either experiencing a rough patch, wanting to do something extra special, or even because they were going to be away from their loved one during the occasion **cue my own waterworks now**

You see, this whole process helped me realize and appreciate my own creativity and determination to keep pushing towards my dream. On top of that, I learned that the best way to overcome discomfort (in my case, the thought of being lonely on Valentine's) was by helping others. Some people literally could not physically be with the person they love because they were deployed or away for work. And that was so beautiful to me. Learning "the why" behind your special song was so touching. I learned just how romantic people can be and it made me hopeful... Hopeful for the love that I may one day have.

So to all of you who read this or took part in the project, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, you helped me in so many ways.

Signing off xoxo

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